Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Unhelpful Driver SHD3035

Mr Winston informs the following on 18/04/2011:
I like to share with your readers my experience with Comfort Taxi SHD 3035 this morning (18 Apr 11 @ 0730hrs).

I have booked a taxi via Comfort Cablink to the airport for my mother and sister. They have 2 luggages with her. So, the taxi arrived and he opened the car boot. I took my mum luggage to the rear of the taxi, left it there then proceed back to pick up the second luggage. When I'm back with the second luggage, there he was, standing beside the luggages and grunting very rudely "You can't help with the lugagge??? I'm a driver!! I don't carry luggages! I can hurt my hand!!! Can you pick up your luggages??"

I do not expect the driver to help with my mum luggages althought that is a plus point. However, the grunting is uncalled for. I hate to think, the first person a tourist met when he step out of Changi Airport is this particular taxi driver.
Please consider lodging a feedback comment to LTA through their online feedback form as this will elicit the best follow-up from the cab companies. As unfortunate as it sounds, many readers - myself included - are not surprised by this behaviour. In fact, we would be shocked if the driver had been helpful and courteous!

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