Monday, 9 May 2011

Uncivilised Driver Silver Cab 6091 Thomson Road

Mr Ophiucus Asclepius informs the following on 31/01/2011:
To everyone out there, if you happen to see a Toyota Crown Silver Cab with the licence plate number 6091, do not take the cab, unless you want to have the same bad experience as I had. His identity was neither displayed on the windscreen nor was there any terminal on the dashboard to display his identity.

It was on Sun 30 Jan 2011 at about 7.30 pm when my wife and I took the cab along Thomson road. We have explicitly told him the route we wished to take. There was no response whatsoever to the instructions that we gave him. Very often he would "act blur" and tended to take a longer route. Before every turn, we had to direct him back, otherwise he would stray somewhere else like a stray dog. At one point, he ignored my direction and drove on with a forceful acceleration. When I repeated my instruction to him, he suddenly hurled a lot of Hokkien vulgar words and demanded in Mandarin, "Why, you not happy, ar?"

It is sad that a World Class city like Singapore can have such uncivilised taxi drivers on the roads. I hope the authorities would take steps to remove these creatures before they do any greater damage to the country. They are a real disgrace to the country and should not even be allowed to stray into the frontline service industry.
The cab companies have no interest in making Singapore a better place - only in making money. Sadly, there are many of these drivers behave as though we have hijacked and forced them to drive us somewhere. The best course of action would be to lodge a complaint with the regulatory authority through their online feedback form.

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