Monday, 9 May 2011

Atrocious Behaviour After Accident SHC8107M

Ms Annie Leo reports the following on 11/01/2011:
Comfort Case Ref 2011/03/3885
Taxi SHC8107M
Driver : NG Juan Khin
Met with taxi accident, I ended up with head and spine injuries etc. Driver Ng Juna Khin was not concerned about my condition after the accident, he cared only for his own car damages. Since day of accident, he had not called me to follow up on this case. For 2 months, I had to suffer and coping with my recovery. When I feel slightly better now, and raised the case to Comfort (with pictures of my injuries, attached), the responses:
From Customer Service (Jean Ho)
Quote [We have conducted an investigation and have issued a warning to the driver for the alleged incident. He has also been reminded to adhere strictly to the service standards as set out by the company. The complaint has been included in his service record and we will monitor his performance closely.]

From other employee (Doris Lim Puay Noi)
Quote [Our driver has reported the accident]
Quote [Please do not construe these requirements as an admission of liability on the part of our insurer]
We are talking about passenger's safety and well-being. Is this not taken too lightly? We are talking about Comfort, who owns the biggest fleet of taxi in Singapore! And I, remained their regular who book taxi weekly before or after these incidents!
I have attached a picture of the driver, who had stayed out of car to discuss his claims for half an hour, until I had to insist for an ambulance. My injury was visually seen, with a hematoma like 10 inches big! And, the driver has never called me to check on my condition, not even on day of accident. And, I believe I was in a LIMO cab!
I really think that such irresponsible and selfish drivers should be not on the roads! And, Comfort Taxi made me feel like my life was worth less than an ant!
It is truly unfortunate that the cab companies do not care enough about passenger well-being. The focus seems to be to earn our money and keep their costs to the absolute minimum. This is the reason why I started the website dedicated to shaming these atrocious elements of society.

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