Monday, 9 May 2011

Let's get interactive

Owing to all the visits and comments received via email, I think it only makes sense to migrate to a blog-like interface. Hence, here is the new Singapore Taxi Driver website from 2011 onwards.


  1. to GM of Transcab.

    Dear GM of Transcab. I hope you read this.

    On the 23 August 2011 at 715am, I was driving my daughter in our van along Novena Road towards the direction of the city.

    As we passed the cross junction with Balestier Road on the left and Thomson Hospital on the right, red Toyota Wish SHD 5222C squeezed himself from the left corner of the merging lane into my path. As I was ahead of him and saw him coming too near me from the corner of my eyes, I honked him.

    Driver of SHD 5222C then speeded up and overtook me from the left and proceeded to give me the middle finger. He then glared at me from his rear view mirror.

    I was quite shocked. I had honked him to warn him that he was too close and that he had blundered into my land and while clearly his fault, he then gave me the rude gesture.

    Not happy with this, he then sped off and later up the road, purposely cut into my lane once again from the left. After this, he zoomed off and cut lanes before picking up a fare at United Square. As I passed him, his window was down and he was smoking. He looked a typical gangster and frankly, I fear gangsters especially when I have a child with me.

    This is not the first time I have encountered bad manners from a Red Transcab taxi.

    You are probably sick and tired of hearing of bad drivers under your company and you probably wouldnt even take any action. But dont you think its sad that a few hooligans are spoiling your companys image? Why bother even starting a company this way? Dont you filter out potential drivers? Dont you care about your company?

    Dont bother getting a PR Company to right your company's image till you weed out these gangsters masquerading as taxi drivers.

  2. We've moved this to a post of its own, thanks.