Monday, 9 May 2011

Reckless Driving SHB8859 Yishun Ave 4

Mr Gary informs the following on 08/01/2011
I am writing in to lodge a complaint against a reckless taxi driver.
Taxi Registration: SHB8859. Cannot remember the last prefix, should be H or B.
Date and time of incident: 08 Jan 2011, 0140hrs
Location: Along Yishun Ave 4
Here is my report on the incident: I was driving along Yishun Ave 4 , a Blue Comfort Taxi suddenly serve into my lane without giving the intention by signaling .My car was almost bumper to bumper with him , I swerved to the right while sounding my horn to avoid his vehicle hitting mine. I almost hit the right side of the kerb. . Instead of going back to his lane after I sound my horn, the next moment without warning he jammed his brakes and I swerved to right to avoid a rear end collision resulting in my car skidding and almost hitting the center divider.
I followed him and he stop eventually. I was surprised that a passenger was in his car. I asked him why he was driving in such a reckless manner, the answer I got was "Not happy ah? Call police lo". I walk away at this point of time. It seems that your company has trouble conveying this view to your drivers.
I would wish to see appropriate actions taken against this driver by your company in the next few days, if not I regret to inform you of the following. I will report this case of of reckless or negligent driving I witness from representatives of your company, I will write to following parties.
1. CEO of Comfort Taxis
2. The Traffic Police
3. The Land Transport Authority
4. The office of the Minister of Transport
Regards, Gary
It is amazing how nonchalant these drivers are with their dangerous driving. In any other profession, such an attitude would be stamped out immediately but the cab companies turn a blind eye time and time again. We don't expect a different response than what is normally given and sincerely hope that you will pursue the matter with the higher authorities. However, if you do not, then we hope you will at least proceed directly with an LTA complaint using their online feedback form.

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  1. I am a foreigner working here in Singapore. I was planning to apply for PR but these stories makes me think twice.
    Just today January 19, 2012 at 09:00hrs, going to the office, I was biking along Ubi Ave 1 parking lot.From blk 301 (Ubi Ave2 cor Eunos Link), I heard a fast full throttle engine (maybe 40-60kph) from my back but before I could look back it passes by my side and almost hit me. It continue to drive fast so I quickly pedal on max gear and finally approach it before exiting blk 316. The driver is a male and he looked driving angry. I asked him "What are you thinking?" but receive no response even a simple gesture of sorry.
    I search web for same cases but it seems authorities doesn't take action if there isn't actual hit or collision. For the reference of many I will just post the details here;

    Incident; Cyclist almost hit by overspeeding car in a parking lot
    Description; Grey sedan type car
    Plate; SGZ8041J