Monday, 9 May 2011

Confrontational Driver SHC9658M HDB Hub

Ms Elvin Chong informs the following on 24/02/2011:
This happen on yesterday 23/02/11 (12.45pm to 1.15pm), my husband and I are on the way to HDB Hub, at the traffice junction my husband was at the lane to turn right, on our left side this Trans Cab SHC9658M last min signal and without waiting just turn in. My husband has to emergency brake & horn at him, luckly the car behind us is not too close to us. My husband get down to clarify with him, he raise his voice said he has the right. Without waiting my husband walk away he just drive away and there are passenger in his taxi.

My husband patience was being challenged, he follow his taxi. He drive into the HDB Hub drop the passenger down, my husband overtake his taxi and park infront of him and claify with him again. Just as my husband get down, the taxi driver get down too. Before my husband open his mouth to talk, the taxi driver use his middle finger point at my husband, foul language scold my husband. My husband ask him to wait here for the policeman, he raise his vocie again and said go ahead I dont scare, call and get the policeman look for me.

While my husband trying to made a call to policeman, his try to block the taxi driver way. But to me surprise the taxi driver drive his taxi trying to knock my husband, luckly my husband move backward. My husband patience was being challenged again, he raise his voice to the taxi driver to get down but the taxi driver never. The taxi was blocking others, my husband has no choice to let him go.

Immediate, I make a call (6555333 - Trans Cab) to complaint at the taxi, they get me to call another number (65556666). But I have been calling for about 1 hr from the incident nobody pick up the call. Send a e-mail using my Ipad to their feedback mail a error. Is there anybody working?? Is the feedback mail is exist??

To be a taxi driver, the requirement as per below. Why there is such kind of taxi driver exist? Is it the taxi driver know that when we made a complaint to their office is useless so they dont afraid?
  • Prerequisites: Singaporean & above 30 yrs old
  • Holding Class 3 license for at least 1 yr
  • Able to Speak & Read simple English
  • (Bring along your highest qualification cert, if any)
This seems like an engineered design to tire the complainant out - if it takes too long, many people will just give up and not complain. As usual, we find many instances which show that the cab companies couldn't be the least bothered to improve the industry practices/behaviour but are only interested in taking our money through the idiot drivers they hire. This is clearly a case of intimidation and attempted vehicular assault so you can lodge a Police report and forward it to LTA through their online feedback form. Good luck with chasing this taxi-driver-from-hell down and we hope you do not give up until you achieve justice.

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