Thursday, 6 October 2011

Rude and Reckless Driver SH5928R Clifford Pier

Mr Mike informs the following on 29/09/2011:

Got into a cab this morning at the Taxi waiting queue in front of the Fairmont Hotel. Told him "please take me to Ocean Financial Centre". He asks in a rude tone "Where is it??", I told him, its the old Ocean Building which has been rebuilt and near the Hitachi Tower Taxi stand. He then races to the destination and brakes hard at lights. When we come to the traffic lights at Raffles MRT stop, I leaned forward, pointed to the new building and said that that's the OFC. Lights turn green and he races to stop at Hitachi Tower and not the destination. Fare SGD5.95. I gave him SGD10 and he returns me SGD4. I say thanks and alight and he races off. Most rude taxi driver I have met in my life. I think the number plate was SH5928R.

We urge you to lodge a report with LTA through their online feedback form so that this driver will be notified and warned appropriately. Leaving it as 'one of those things' will just embolden such drivers that they can always get away with such horrendous behaviour.

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