Friday, 28 October 2011

Red Light Maniac Driver SH5238Y Toa Payoh

Mr Brandon Chan informs the following on 26/10/2011:

This taxi driver failed to conform to traffic red light signal. Pedestrians were almost halfway through the walkway (Green pedestrian light), when the cab, drove right through us.

In addition, he was spotted using a mobile phone on his left hand while he beat the red light. It was a very dangerous act by the driver. Compromised our (pedestrian's safety) for his interests. Not to mention liable for 12 demerit points for breaking the law. Very dangerous driver. Ought to be removed from the roads.

Date: October 26, 2011

Time : 9.55 pm

Location : Along Lorong 8, Toa Payoh. Traffic light at lorong 8 market.

Yellow Top Taxi : SH 5238 Y

Male driver

PS. Is it possible to lodge a complaint with Traffic Police. Thanks in advance.

Yes, most definitely you should contact the Traffic Police and inform them of this incident. They might be able to prosecute this reckless driver based on your testimony. The only thing is that you must be prepared to give your statement and attend court to provide your testimony to a judge. But if the TP turn you down or you are not willing to attend court, then you should at least inform LTA through their online feedback form so that some level of action will be taken instead of this hooligan getting away scot-free.

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