Saturday, 29 October 2011

Gangster Driver 8704 Marine Terrace

Mr Edwin Ng informs the following on 28/10/2011:
Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd
CityCab Pte Ltd
383 Sin Ming Drive
Singapore 575717
Tel: 6555 1188
Fax: 6452 7742

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to inform you of an incident which with one of your taxis nearly hit me and a companion at a zebra crossing. (attached is a police report).

At approximately 2315hrs on 26 Oct 2011 I was crossing the zebra crossing opposite Blk 12 Marine Terrace.  I spotted the blue comfort taxi at about 10m away heading towards Marine Crescent. Assuming he would slow down. I proceeded to cross the zebra crossing.

When I was nearly at the middle of the crossing, the taxi sped up and missed me by approximately 30cm. It was so close and sudden that I dropped my belongings.  I was totally taken aback by what happened.

The taxi driver braked abruptly after the zebra crossing and proceeded to make an illegal u-turn about 10meters ahead with tyres screeching suggesting urgency.
I had a sense of comfort thinking that the driver might have realized what he had done and had turned back to check on me and to render assistance. That was however not the case.

The driver drove up to the zebra crossing, stopping on it and wound down his window and started shouting at me.  I could not hear him clearly as I was more than half way across the road. I walked closer to the taxi and he started accusing me of being a gangster.  He only sped off when my companion took out his camera. I remembered his license plate as 8704.

The poor behaviour of this driver have made me very upset and disappointed. I was not expecting this kind of behaviour from our country’s leading Taxi Company. It would have been bad if it was a private car but to come from a service provider is totally absurd and atrocious.

Taxi drivers need to know that the roads are getting busier and not treat it like a race track where they can speed around and disregard the safety of pedestrians.
Failure to give way to pedestrians at designated crossing is serious and should not be taken lightly as lives can be lost.

I am writing to you to please make a thorough investigation and to identify the driver.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Edwin Ng

The cab company is likely to brush this off with an insincere token reprimand that is hardly going to affect the hooligan driver. We highly recommend lodging a report with LTA instead through their online feedback form so that something more long-term can be done. It's obviously a matter of time before this moron kills someone.


  1. Hey! Thanks for posting this on your blog. I have reported the incident to LTA and Traffic Police. I will be posting the updates here.
    Thanks again

  2. I told many of my friends, do not treat zebra crossing as if it have a protection barrier walls once you step onto the crossing, do not cross if oncoming vehicles are too near, they need response time and brake take some distance....use your brain because your it is your life, what do you gain if you were killed crossing the road, even tho you have the right to cross...

  3. @Lee Fong,
    May I suggest that you be more constructive in your blog comments, instead of this ""It's obviously a matter of time before this moron kills someone."", you shall ALSO advise the complainant be more vigilant when crossing the road, he may get killed before that "" "" materialize.

    P.s. Yes, I know this an old post, read the latest post today, same theme same LTA bla bla bla, beside making official report to the authorities, more are needed to help the complainants Edwin on how to protect himself......