Thursday, 6 October 2011

Injury-Causing Driver

Mr Mark informs the following on 04/10/2011:
I just boarded a Yellow Top taxi (I think it’s the Toyota wish). When I alight took my things from the back of the car he rush to close the back door and hit my right shoulder so bad the door vibrates. These buggers drive like soo ka soo ka and yet when comes to general manners also don’t have. Let passengers take the things when all clear then close lah.
Didn’t even say sorry and yet trying to say I hit it. He lowered the stupid door before I move out completely, luckily never hit my head if not sure place him on civil suit.
Just because the injury is not serious does not mean you should let it go.If you have the licence plate number, please lodge a report with LTA. If not, always remember to take note of the licence plate number when you board a taxi so that you can trace him if he tried to be funny. Taxi drivers bank on the fact that passengers will not be alert or motivated enough to take these clowns to task. Let us take back the power!

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