Sunday, 26 January 2014

Exemplary Driver SH6757X Alexandra Road

Ms Salina informs the following on 24/01/2014:
I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Mr Ng (relief driver) of Comfort cab number SH6757X.
My colleague and I called a cab on 13 January 2014 afternoon and he picked us up at our workplace. Once we reached our destination at AST (Academy of Singapore Teachers), I asked if he could wait for 10 minutes because we need to carry some stuff and then return back to our workplace. 
Overall, he waited almost 25 minutes because being women, we had to manually transport down our stuff (stationery, files etc) a couple of times because firstly the place is huge, secondly there was no lift and so many stairs! (Anyone who has been there would know!) Lucky thing he sms-ed, called, and told me that he was still waiting for us! 
Due to the inaccessibility, Mr Ng asked where he could find us and offered to help us carry down all our heavy materials plue the trolley! In fact, he didn't want us to carry the heavy things because we are women! We carried lighter stuff though. 
While waiting and helping us, we found out that he did not even on the meter! He’s an excellent exemplary, caring and concern cab driver we have ever encountered so far. His selfless act touched our hearts. We should have more nice cab drivers like him who are willing to go the extra mile without expecting anything in return! But of course, we gave him a good amount of tip! 
Thank you Mr Ng!! Hope to ride in your cab again!
Regards, Salina 
p.s: we have also drop this same compliment to LTA online feedback form! :)
Indeed, this is a heartwarming story to share amidst the usual accounts of rude, obnoxious and ridiculous behaviour by drivers. I'm glad that you have taken the effort to publicise this driver's outstanding service and we sincerely hope that other drivers can take a leaf out of Mr Ng's approach to his vocation. Hopefully one day, these are the only stories we hear on this site. Hopefully.


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  2. Wow, he really seemed like he was personable, and so helpful! I've had a taxi driver like that before. They always get bigger tips! This is a great example of how taxi drivers should be!
    Celine |

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