Thursday, 3 July 2014

Rude Taxi Driver SHD 2209L Anson Road

Ms Dipti informs the following on 17/06/2014:

I generally have a very good experience with taxi drivers with them being friendly, humorous and helpful at times. But yesterday's encounter with one of the taxi driver has made a dent in overall good experience, which I am sharing with you as below. 
Yesterday (16-Jun-2014), I booked taxi from Anson Road to Toh Tuck Road using Grab Taxi app. Immediately taxi was allocated to me with license plate no. SHD 2209L. As soon as I got into the cab I explained to the driver to take AYE and we will be making short detour at Buena Vista to pick my husband from 1 Fusionopolis walk and then from there we head to Toh Tuck Road. The taxi driver replied that while booking for cab, I should have mentioned that I want to go to 2 destinations. I said that I am taking cab every day back home picking my husband on the way, none of the cab drivers mentioned this to me. This I have been doing for almost past 6 months using Grab Taxi app. Moreover the app does not have the option to mention two destinations. But then the driver started talking rudely to me, asked me to get off the cab and take another taxi back home. 
After having accepted my call isn’t the taxi driver bound to follow my instruction and take me to my destination? It is extremely disappointing to see this kind of behavior from taxi driver whose work is to serve. Taxi companies should assess the service quality of these drivers before hiring them for the job.

This is an often recounted experience where the driver is rude without provocation and what can only be described as moody. We have no idea why they do that because as we have repeatedly pointed out, they have made the choice to be a driver.

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