Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Trans-Cab Again

Ms Geetika informs the following on 06/01/2014:
"I had lots of bad experience with Trans-cab. Latest one is when we took taxi from Changi Airport last night. We had lots of suitcases and it was difficult for us to keep adjusting the suitcases in the boot of Toyota Wish taxi, but the taxi driver stood beside the taxi watching us instead of helping us. When we stepped into the taxi I realised that he didn't had the ID card displayed in his taxi. While getting down at Jurong East this driver didn't even bothered to get down. He just took his money & left. If the driver could have helped us at the airport, it would have not delayed other passengers who have been standing for long in the queue. We pay 5sgd as airport tax, at least taxi driver should guide us if they don't want to lend a helping hand in handling the suitcase."
You raise a good point on the surcharge - the least the driver could do is give some advice on placing the luggage. Too bad you didn't take note of the licence plate number, otherwise you could lodge a feedback complaint to LTA online. All things considered, it must have been a good fare for him since you travelled from one end of Singapore to another - from the airport, no less. As usual, even the best circumstance for the driver is not enough to get some decent service.


  1. I also have bad experience with paxs. I had back problems, the luggage was very heavy, at least weigh a ton.pax just stand there looking, it, s associated if it's our duty ti serve them!

  2. its not the drivers responsibility to load the luggage, pax want to travel heavy, your carry yr baggage
    also we go out of our way to help, some pax dont even say thanks, cabbies work long hours, look at thier face, you will know
    also give tips and then see the service, or be nice, and see the response, if it nots working, then compliant,

  3. Its because if people that keeps complaining for every little things that made everybody in singapore mind their own business... so live with it

  4. Dont help complain,help and accidentally damage the belongings also complain... so if u are in their shoes what will u do? In Army they say act blur live longer...

  5. The taxi driver provides the service of bring you to your intended location, it is not his obligation to help you if you have excessive luggage. If you do, consider using the maxicab service at the airport. Otherwise you are just a cheapsake who wants the cheapest taxi ride.

    And what if the driver in helping you to load your heavy luggage and hurt his back? Will you as a fare compensate him for his medical bills?

  6. lodge a feedback complaint to LTA online. no use.. it is not a MUST to help to pax load the luggage.. LTA rules didn't mention.

  7. lodge a feedback complaint to LTA online. no use.. it is not a MUST to help to pax load the luggage.. LTA rules didn't mention.

  8. Unfit taxi drivers who can't carry luggages should not be queuing up at the airport to fetch passengers then. Drivers are expected to HELP carry the luggages cos we paid extra $5 and you are expecting travellers with luggages, duh.

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