Thursday, 23 May 2013

Menace of SMRT Taxi Drivers Woodlands Circle

Zhang Penghua informs the following on 13/05/2013:

I do feel our Singapore taxi drivers are mostly polite and careful in driving. But here I just to share my bad experience with SMRT taxi drivers.
First case happened about a month ago.
It was about 3:00pm on a weekday, at woodlands circle.
My daughter was crossing the “green man” zebra from evergreen primary school towards blk742, suddenly a SMRT taxi sped past her and the taxi driver realized he ran the red light, he slowed down after passing my daughter and waved to her to say sorry.
The car plate no was SHD65xxx.
Second case happened just today (05/12) at ~12:50 noon.
It was at woodlands Drive 40, my daughter and I was riding bicycles towards woodlands circle, while passing the auxiliary road from drive 40 towards blk 701, 702, a SMRT taxi suddenly turned left into the auxiliary road from woodlands circle direction without signalling and without slowing down.
The car plate no is SHD607xD, purple, Chevrolet.
I would like SMRT to emphasize to their taxi drivers the importance of safety, and don’t take people’s life for granted.

Sadly, such experiences are the norm instead of the exception and nothing is done until someone loses a life. Such is our society that is highly reactive but hardly proactive. We, as commuters and pedestrians, have to be vigilant with the taxi drivers here. We hope that this will change over time, but I am not hopeful at all.

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  1. that,s good behave from taxi driver and no doubt that most of taxi driver are polite and very careful in driving God Bless your Daughter.But some time some of taxi drivers due to short of time do some thing wrong which is not fair.Its request to all taxi drivers kindly don,t do such like that.
    Saran SMith