Thursday, 4 July 2013

Taxi Uncle Sings to Passenger

Chan informs the following on 29/06/2013:

Hi there,

Amazingly, I've not had a bad experience with taxi drivers in Singapore; I only feel frustrated when I'm late and they are driving slowly, or when it's a jam. But it's not their fault. 
Apart from that, I've had very good experiences where many times the taxi drivers strike a conversation with me, or thank me and say "good bye and have a good day ahead!"
Sometimes, I initiate the conversations or say thank you first - most of the time, they will chat or respond back to me cheerfully. Like my mom always says, it takes 2 hands to clap. 
Here's a video (not by me) but by a young Singaporean who did an "experiment" to see how nice taxi drivers are out there. It's really good and shows the great Singaporean taxi drivers out there.
Hope you will share this on your blog!
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We do not have problems sharing the good examples - it was nice to see some drivers go the extra mile to help a fellow Singaporean out. However, we do wonder if the guy who made this video only added the positive experiences and not the negative ones?

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  1. I had the honor to take his cab sometime ago, his awesome singing really brightens my day!