Saturday, 4 January 2014

Transcab Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb

Truthful Truism informs the following on 18/12/2013:

I have been taking taxis almost daily for the past two years and have had my fair share of bad experience with irate taxi drivers from all taxi companies in Singapore.  
What really prompt me to send this feedback is the repeated bad experience I encountered with Trans-Cab Services. First, the taxis (especially Toyota Crown) are always badly maintained, at times with unhygenic standards. The taxi-drivers' attitude were rude and not customer-focus. Last year I had such a bad experience with one of Trans-Cab driver's attitude that I felt compell to write an official complaint to LTA. An LTA officer handled my case with extreme professionalism and the Trans-Cab driver was found guilty of "Failing to behave in a civil and orderly manner" under Rule 21 (a) of the Road Traffic (Public Service Vehicles) (Vocational Licences and Conduct of Drivers, Conductors and Passengers) Rules. It was further added that Trans-Cab taxis does not really enjoy a good reputation in Singapore in which I can attest to this statement. 
I am always skeptical in boarding the red Trans-Cab taxis but due to the 'scarcity' of taxis especially in peak hours or bad weather and rushing for time I don't have the choice. 
Another extreme unpleasant experience with Trans-Cab taxi was in October'13. I board a red Toyota Crown around 8pm at Raffles Place and due to the driver of not paying attention to the braking, an accident happened at PIE/CTE. Luckily I was not hurt physically but the female driver of the private car was so traumatised that she cried. All thanks to the quick response of LTA Cisco officer, the matter was resolved systematically. However this accident was a real pissed-off to me, it could have been avoid if the driver of this Trans-Cab taxi driver have been more alert and concentrate.  
Just yesterday 17/12/13, left with no choice/alternatives I board a red Toyota Wish (SHD 9361H) at Amara Hotel 100am at 6: 25pm. I was taken aback to see the male driver keep his hair long, so long that he kept on managing his long hair with a hair band when driving! I was praying throughout the journey to have a safe journey. Thankfully nothing bad or pervasive happened. 
In short, I am quite happy with all taxi companies in Singapore with the exception of Trans-Cab taxis. There were several ocassions during early morning thunderstorms, SMRT taxis responded with my iphone bookings within 5 mins. The rest, in this aspects fails miserably.  
Already in the internet there were loads of nasty complaints against Trans-cab but the taxi company of such couldn't care less, much talk about improvement!

We've heard in the past that some cab companies have a lower standard when it comes to allowing hirers to operate their taxis and so those who get removed from other cab companies due to poor attitude end up collectively at the lowest-standard among all the cab companies. We're not sure if Transcab falls under that category but this could explain your observations of these drivers. We are heartened that you continue to pursue bad behaviour and take errant drivers to task - and we encourage all our readers to do so. Remember, it is by standing up against the ruffians that we can restore order.

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