Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dangerous Driver Bedok North SHC1135C

Terence Teo informs the following on 07/11/2013:
On 7 November 2013, at about 7.40am, I was driving along Pan Island Expressway close to exit 8A/8B to Bedok North in the direction of Changi Airport when a Sonata Comfort Taxi, licence plate SHC 1135 C, cut into my lane from the left hand lane, the one that was leading to the Bedok North exit. The taxi came close to hitting me on my left front side. I have a video of the entire episode, which is why I can describe this encounter in such detail. 
I am sharing this with other road users, and this seems to be a recurring theme in all the posts I have read. I sympathise with taxi drivers and their long working hours and hard life, but this does not justify or condone reckless and dangerous behavior on the roads. Taxi drivers like to boast to me that they are professionals on the road and everyone else is an amateur, but the fact that you have long hours of experience and earn a living driving does not JUSTIFY arrogant and aggressive driving. I would like to ask taxi drivers to truly behave like professionals when they drive, so that we can post more positive experiences than negative ones.

Indeed, these drivers need to understand that no one owes them a living and they are motorists just like the rest. Unfortunately, waiting for them to gain this enlightenment is a recipe for disaster - as this blog shows. The best alternative then is to repeatedly call them out on their reckless, rude and fraudulent behaviour and intentions so that they will be cowered into behaving themselves. We urge you to submit the video to LTA through their online feedback portal so that it can be officially recorded against the driver's performance - more of such evidence will enable the authorities to clamp down on these errant motorists swiftly and prevent the accidents tha are waiting to happen because of them.


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