Saturday, 4 May 2013

Idiot Driver SHB2700U Bedok South

Mr Phil Teng informs the following on 30/04/2013:
At about sometime after 7 pm on 30 April 2013, I was driving on straight road coming out of Blk 60 Bedok South, when I saw a speeding taxi from far driving on wrong side of Road. (my side) coming straight at me.  I stop and keep sounding my horn, but he still came straight at me and only stop inches away from my vehicle. I got down my car and want to confront him.  He was still talking on the phone while winding down his window. This driver is very dangerous to road user and pedestrian especially at the speed he drive in HDB estate and completely ignore everything while on the phone. Something must be done before further serious mishap happen. 
Taxi No: SHB2700U (white mercedes)

It is quite common for taxi drivers to be complacent and take things for granted. Perhaps this guy was distracted in trying to locate his destination. In any case though, he should have stopped to figure out what he is going to do rather than try to over-manage and nearly cause an accident.

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