Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Rogue Driver Resurfaces SHD352T Changi Airport

Wei Ren informs the following on 01/04/2013:
I search online for this taxi SHD352T and found your blog, and I am going to share what I had email to trans cab for my bad experience with the driver. Please see below:

Your taxi driver ruined my day!
Today, at around 10:30PM on 1st April 2013, I just got off from my happy trip arrived at Changi Airport terminal one. I went up to this Trans Cab taxi with car plate number SHD352T. First I told him i am going to Tampines Ave 5, he told me he just know Tampines, he dunno where is Ave 5, rudely! Hey man, he is a taxi driver, how can he got his license which such capability? And how can he be so rude?! Ok then I told him I will guide him until the destination.
Along the way I felt so uncomfortable as his driving skill is lousy, breaking while there is no car no red light in front, and the car is moving left and right.
When we arrived at destination, I first ask whether I can pay by Nets. Ya maybe I didn't notice that there isn't such Nets machine in his cab, but how can he impatiently response to me with "Do you see any machine in the cab!"??? Fine then I give him a note of $50 for the total charge of $14.42. When he is looking for the change, I told him just give me back $35.50. I am not intentionally to give him tip of $0.10, just I want to get off from the cab ASAP! He responded with "Take back all your money! You think 10 cents is so big?!".
He ruined my vacation mood with such bad attitude and driving skill! I hope you can do something or else I will complaint to LTA and hope someone else can give me a acceptable response!
FYI I found there is a complaint to the same taxi, link as below:

We are not surprised that the same taxi drivers appear on this blog because the regulations are not stringent enough against errant drivers. In this case, an extremely rude driver who once abandoned a passenger in the middle of nowhere displays his arrogance. This is why reporting every horrible incident is important - every time a driver gets away with his ruffian behaviour is a moment he gets bolder. We would advise you to lodge a report with LTA through their online feedback portal so that there will be more pressure on Transcab to take corrective action instead of giving lip service.

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  1. The driving skills is SO common that you can create a separate post about it. They swing a car by doing left-right moves, they play with accelerator pedal as you would do it with a pedal of your drama machine, they cannot predict next 5sec and have emergency stops every time.

    I'm getting car sick very often because my brain cannot follow these random moves.

    On a positive note, I ask to keep the change and thank drive for smooth drive if he style is just "normal".