Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Road Bully SHB36U Tanglin Road

On 20/9/2014, Nicole informs the following:
Just one to share with you. I was driving along Tanglin Road beside St Regis Hotel when a black Chrysler taxi (SHB36U I think) suddenly pulled out in front of me without indication. I gently tapped the horn to indicate my presence. He slowed down on the street continuously giving me the finger. We both turned onto Orange Grove Road (he is in front of me) and he slowed down in a passive aggressive way, possibly to encourage me to overtake (and then I guess he would speed up). I didn't and he eventually sped up, driving off very fast. I wish I had my camera on!! It is disappointing that a "luxury" cab would have such bad road manners!
There is no rationale explanation for such aggression other than some psychosis in this driver. Please report him immediately to LTA via their  online feedback portal so that he can be issued with a warning at least. Hopefully more motorists will report his nonsensical behaviour and get him off the road for good.

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