Saturday, 24 August 2013

Needlessly Violent Driver SHB5234D Queenstown

Mr Khriz informs the following on 19/08/2013:
Just like to bring to your attention my experience with a very threatening taxi driver of SMRT taxi, SHB5234D.  
I booked the taxi on 17 Aug Saturday evening, and the abovementioned taxi arrived shortly at my house in Queenstown area. I told the driver that I am going to Changi Airport Terminal 3. While inside the taxi, he asked how I would like to go. As I was in a hurry and also busy with my emails/calls, I told him not to ask me the directions and he should just take the shortest route.
To my surprise, he shouted "Simi l*n ji*o?!" loudly and stopped the taxi. He then told me that if I have such attitude, he does not want to take me and ask me to get out. He then opened his door and beckoned that he was going to remove my luggage. I replied in surprise that I did not show him any attitude, but just in a hurry, and I do not know the directions well because this is my parents' place and I was outstationed for awhile. He continued his aggressive approach that are peppered with expletives and kept telling me to get out of the taxi because he did not like my attitude. 
As it was very difficult to get a taxi at that time and I do not wish to miss my flight, I had no choice but to apologise to him reluctantly and ask him to bring me to the airport. He then insist that I tell him which way to go, so I said "PIE" but asked him if that is the shortest way. He replied that he don't care which is the shortest way, but because I said "PIE", then he will go via PIE. 
The journey was very unpleasant as he drove either very slowly or very recklessly, perhaps to spite me. At times, he would swerved when there are clearly no nearby vehicles, causing me to hit my head on the window twice. I told him to drive safely but he retorted that I told him that I was in a hurry, and if I am not happy with his driving, I should get out. Clearly he knows I am in a hurry and its tough to get a taxi on Sat evening, so using it against me. I had no choice but to keep quiet. When we reached the destination, he refused to help me with my luggages and told me that it is not his duty. Thus I have to spend time to take out my bags and wait for him to count my change slowly.  
I would like to highlight that at no time did I use any vulgarities on him, though towards the end I did raised my voice as I cannot take it any more. His expletive-laced responses and remark that I have an "attitude" is truly uncalled for.
This letter had also been sent to LTA with further details, and I hope the authorities can bring him to task before other passengers get hurt.
We applaud your bravery in standing up to this bully and following through with an official complaint. It is obvious to us that this is not the first time this idiot driver has harassed a passenger and it certainly won't be the last - until he is forcibly stopped by revocation of his licence. Please keep us updated on the investigation by LTA and the outcome.

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