Saturday, 24 August 2013

Fraud Driver SHD5844H Cross Street

Ms K Tan informs the following on 17/08/2013:

Hi, I would like to share the 1st bad experience I had with a Transcab driver.
License plate number :SHD5844H
Me and my friend board the cab from cross st at around 2.05am on 17th August 2013. When we board the cab, the driver knew my friend was about to vomit, he did not chase us out and even said OK to fetch us. After which, my friend vomited into a plastic bag that he'd given to us. Then the taxi driver went to the nearest petrol station claiming that his taxi is out of petrol and he got no choice but to stop and pump petrol first. So we waited till he finished pumping the petrol then he proceed to send us back to boon lay.  
When we arrived, I sent my friend up to the house and the taxi driver offered to wait for me downstairs. When I came back down, he clamed that my friend vomited in his taxi and said he will need to claim car washing fees. As it was late, and I was alone, as a female I have no choice but to obliged. As I reached my destination, the cab fare was $41.50 The taxi driver then told me that the washing fees is $20. I find it ridiculous but still I have to no choice but to obliged because I was alone and there was no one around. I paid $60.00. And when I asked him for the receipt, he claimed that he cannot print out. 
I find that this taxi driver obviously is trying to cheat me of my money seeing that I'm all alone and as a female, I couldn't have fight against him. $20 for washing just 1 seat on the car? and my friend vomited into the plastic bag he gave, I did not even see any stains on the seat as he claimed he'd already wipe it off. If you said $6, I still find it's reasonable as that is what petrol stations are charging us for washing of the entire car. We waited for him to pump petrol, that alone already costed us more than $6.00
Refused to giving me a receipt already dictate that he is not doing something rightful. Everyday I'm taking cab, but never have I encounter such ridiculous incident before. As a Singaporean, it's very disappointing to see fellow Singaporeans extorting money out of us. Do you think this is my own fault or I can lodge a complaint towards him?

Obviously this driver is a predator who preys on night revellers who will be vulnerable when tipsy or drunk. It certainly sounds suspicious and looks very much like this was premeditated fraud and extortion. Our advice is to immediately lodge a report with LTA through their online feedback portal so that they can launch an investigation and hopefully revoke this guy's licence altogether. We must take into account that this driver probably makes a dishonest living by doing this regularly and in most cases, the person might be too drunk to recall the crime.

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