Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Inconsiderate Driver SHA4301E Woodlands

Mr Alvin Chia informs the following on 03/09/2012:

Got to complain about this comfort cab driver.
Venue : Woodlands Dr 40 Blk 707
Time : 1805hr (6.05pm)
Car plate : SHA4301E

This Malay driver was parking inbetween 2 loading / unloading lots, for more then 15minutes.
I can't do my unloading! Thus, waited there.
When he's back with 4-5others, I asked him why park in this way?
Answer given was, JUST AWHILE, I was unhappy and said " Should you apologise ?"
The Driver was angry and said I scolded him "Shit", he started to scold all the 4 letters words like "FXXX".....
Rising his voice and scolded for few minutes, until I took out my phone and record his action then he left with his family / guests!
Attached the way he park his cab.....
I think he had spoil the image of taxi driver and comfort!
As usual, we see such ridiculous behaviour from drivers who were doing something silly to begin with. *sigh*

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  1. The option here for Alvin is a) since he has a video/photo, write to Comfort. Don't expect a dismissal, they will advise/warn the driver.
    b) Stomp it. But of course stomping can work both ways, you can get flamed for it or the driver can be castigated/shamed.

    Now for option A - You might say, what? Only advise, maybe warning? That's it?

    Let's be fair here, I think perhaps you also came on too strongly to begin with despite your frustration/anger, justifiable as it may be. You can't demand an apology from someone. Don't talk about this being a taxi driver, it could have been any other driver too. People (some) become defensive when their faults are pointed out. Rather than admit, they try to brush it off or 'act blur'.

    Perhaps if you said a little less harshly - eg: Bro, why lah you park there? I want to unload cannot, must wait for you. Next time don't do, ok? Or something the like.
    I think most people would respond better in such a fashion. So next time you encounter this, try this approach instead.

    Now back to option A, even though the driver might be counselled/advised or warned, it does not mean it's not recorded. Just imagine if this driver gets complained about such things frequently, the next time he does go too far, all this is on record and he can't wriggle his way out. No one is gonna believe him.

    Comfort and for that matter, LTA (for cases under their purview), do keep track of complaints. So if a driver who's been frequently flagged for bad behaviour does something worse or serious, he's unlikely to be given a warning, as might be the case for a first time offender.

    So this option isn't as bad as it is. Of course, bear in mind, we are only hearing your version. The driver might well come up with an opposing one.

    But at the end of the day, I think this should be a lesson learnt for him, unless he wants to persists parking in unauthorized places, then 1 day he's bound to get that ticket which starts from $100 right up to $400 I believe.