Monday, 16 July 2012

Unprofessional Ruffian Driver SH2364U Marsiling

Rodente informs the following on 14/07/2012:

I just want to share my experience regarding this very rude taxi driver which I hired last July 13, 2012. The taxi plate number is SH 2364 U.

I was on my way to Marsiling Community Club to play badminton. And since I am running out of time, I took the cab instead of the usual bus I take. When I entered this uncle's taxi, i knew already that he was not in the good mood by the tone of his voice. But I just ignored him because I am on my happy mood since I will be seeing my friends to play badminton.

He asked me where to go. And I told him Marsiling CC, and he replied me with a very harsh tone, "Aiyoh, give me the address!" Then I said, "100 Admiralty Road." Then he replied, "I don't know! Show me! Show me!" On that point I almost scolded him for not knowing the address but I still kept cool and told him that it is right beside the mosque because I knew that he will know the place since I noticed that he is a Malay Muslim. Then he replied with a disgusted tone with a broken English grammar, "So near only! Why need take cab? Few blocks only can walk!" Well, that is not his concern as long as I pay.

So he drove me to the CC and I saw that I need to pay $7.60. Then I pulled my $50 bill and pay him and that is the time he went berserk!

He started shouting inside his taxi and yelling like this, "Are you crazy?!!! Only $7.60? You pay me 50?! Crazy!!! I just went out! No money yet! You don't think huh?!". Then that is the time I lost it... I told him that "It is already 7 pm and if you do not have change to my $50 you go out and have it changed! You know that you will be driving your taxi and you do not have change for a small note?". Then he replied with all his insults that he can think of. He noticed that I am a foreigner and started yelling, "You think you are a big shot huh? You think you are better than me? I am a Singaporean and you are 'just' a worker here! Go back to your poor country!"

I almost shoot him back with all the insults that for sure he will go more crazy but I knew better not to stoop down to his very low level. I am a well-educated professional and there is no way I can talk reason to people with brains that function only when they are angry.

Then luckily one of my badminton friends walk past us and asked what is going on. And I asked him for a smaller bill. By then, the driver was still shouting every insult his small pitifull brain can think of. I just shut the taxi's door and walked away...

Well, I still played a very good game after that. Luckily, he never ruined my game. But he certainly ruined my day.

It is not surprising that these lazy drivers go into a fit of hysteria when they have to make short trips. They fail to realise that commuters peruse taxis for various reasons and their job is not to determine who should or should not take taxis but is to simply drive the passenger as instructed. If it is so difficult, then this ruffian should not have chosen to become a driver. As ever, we urge you to lodge a complaint with LTA through their online feedback form immediately so that it can be filed and reports can be accumulated against this driver. The licence plate looks very familiar and I believe someone has already complained about this driver to us before.


  1. Lee Fong, READ before you delete it again.
    Your writing and comments give me a impression that you are a taxi hater! discrimination! anti-social.
    even a humble 5¢ coin has two side. Know what I mean ?
    Be more constructive on your comments, try not to use "LTA" for you next 10 comments, can ?

  2. A well-educated professional can sometime behave like a lowly moron, and quite frequently to some who do not know how to or refused to adapt.

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  4. U though a taxi drive a money changer is it.. if each of every gave $50 ????
    U want a convenient but u gave prob to others. How much $10 u want a taxi driver to bring every day $200 $500?

  5. I hate the arrogance of these India-nationals who even use our facilities. A lot of these india nationals are rude and bring over their rape and molest culture so its not just a single taxi incidents, you are hated for the way you behave. Please go back to your country. The last thing we want is to have to set up a eve teasing unit here also. Please have some shame.....go back to your country.