Monday, 12 December 2011

Couldn't Be Bothered Driver SHC7457J Woodlands

Mr Firdaus informs the following on 10/12/2011:
On the 3rd of Dec 2011, at about 3.25pm, me and my wife with our daughter were heading to woodland community club for wedding invitation. It was drizzling when we are at blk 687 choa chu kang drive. Therefore, due to the concern of my 3 month old daughter, we decided to take a cab. furthermore, we are running late.
The taxi number SHC 7457J came by and took us there. The driver seems to be purposely delaying the journey. He is travelling at 55km/h and apply jam braked on amber at sungai kadut. Its like being purposed without considering a baby passenger behind. He also act like as if the taxi doesnt have gps. When i took out my iphone, he seems to be having a guilty look when i highlighted to him that he should go nearer way instead of long and jam road.

He also share his dirty experience by picking up prostitute  to get free sex by sending them home free of charge. He do it in the taxi.

Upon reaching the location, he used his hp without earpiece. Causing his taxi more to the right of his lane. Before making u-turn, he sms while driving. Me and my wife just couldnt say anything. As if like he is my customer.

For travelling from yew tee to woodlands... I had to pay $10.40.

When i told him that i will report what he did during the journey, he stare at me unhappily and scolded me in hokkien.

As a taxi driver, this is not a polite service and it shows how bad a singaporean taxi drivers are.

Please advice me, how do i make a complaint against him?

This seems very straightforward. You need to protect others from suffering the same fate by lodging a complaint with LTA through their online feedback form immediately. This type of ruffians are best removed completely from our roads. What despicable behaviour - but sadly unsurprising.


  1. i would like to see posts praising taxi drivers!all this only complaints,u hate taxi drivers?

  2. We are reproducing reports given to us by commuters. When there is a positive experience, we do publish it the same way as we do complaints and advise the passenger to let the cab company and LTA know about the experience so that we can use such taxi drivers as an example to the others, and also serve as motivation to other drivers to behave more professionally.

    BTW, we don't hate taxi drivers, just the attitude and behaviour in many of them.