Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Impatient Woman Taxi Driver SHC4917 Kim Seng Road

J, M & Kona the Puppy inform the following on 05/07/2011:
I recently witnessed the above taxi driver, mentioning that it was a woman taxi driver, which is fairly rare I must add. Impatiently moving on a zebra crossing whilst people were walking across on Kim Seng / River Valley corner.
My wife was ahead of me and walking our puppy. Our hands were full with groceries and the puppy on a leash, when all my wife could do was toknock on the window (Hard) to notify this rude mannered taxi driver to be more courteous of the pedestrians. The driver continued on in a mass rush to make it to the bus stop to pick up any bus to taxi converters.

Shame on you lady and I hope karma will bite you in the ass!
This seems like the typical behaviour we witness in taxi drivers, who wouldn't think twice of running over any living thing just so that they can pick up a passenger. Well, your observation seems to show that the (low) standard of these drivers is regardless of their gender!

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